Full Spectrum signs specializes in oil and gas and safety signage but we also do car, truck and boat decals, stickers, vinyl signs, magnetic signs, license plates and banners just to name a few! Call us today for all your sign needs!


Aluminum / Aluminum composite
This is used for road and safety signs. Aluminum is light and durable it has an outdoor life expectancy of 10+ years. Aluminum composite is a relatively lightweight, yet very rigid material, consisting of a polyethylene core and .01” aluminum cover sheets.


3D lettering

Make your sign stand out from the crowd with CNC cut lettering. For a 3D look we can supply you with lettering in various sizes and fonts. Sign materials include acrylic, metal laminate, formed plastic, cast metal and fabricated metal, sure to stand the test of time.


Corrugated plastic signs
This is the most economical of all sign substrates. It is similar to cardboard in that it consists of two flat sides held apart by a series of ribs or flutes. The most common thickness is 4 mil it comes in a variety of colours.


Magnetic Signs
This is easy to install removable signage to go on any metal surface. Most common is 1' x 2' used on vehicle doors. Perfect for those who do not want permanent advertising on their vehicles, or for those who need to display TDG placards. If treated properly it can last up to 3 years.

Custom License plates
Get your company logo, slogan or favourite design put on a license plate. Custom plates available in polyethylene or aluminum. Protective covers also available.



Banners provide high impact, cost effective advertising. They can be used inside and outside for both temporary, short run applications and more long-term projects. Available in a wide variety of sizes, colors and materials, banners are a very popular way to create visual impact.

Penants and Flags
Penants are a great way to celebrate the accomplishments of sports teams and individual athletes. Penants are normally made of 30” white banner material and come with a hemmed top edge for hanging on display.